Frequently Ask Questions



Are these games safe?

is totally safety orientated. We inspected and clean and perform maintenance on a regular schedule. We inspect the units each time we set it up and take it down. Any problems are noted and the unit is pulled from service until the problem is corrected and the unit is then returned to service. We provide written rules to you when you book the unit, you are given another set of the same rules when we set up the equipment. We will train your volunteer attendants in the safe operation of the game you have assigned them to. There is a large rule sign provided for the unit or it is printed on the unit. We have trained people that will watch an event, unannounced, to make sure that the rules are followed and if they are not they have the authority to shut the unit down, on the spot as is stated in the contract YOU signed.

What electricity is needed?

Any game that requires electricity will require a standard (most home owners call it 110vac) plug in (wall type) that has a ground prong connection. This plug must meet all electrical codes and should be GFI (ground fault interrupt) protected. The circuit should be no less the 15 Amps or higher. This is what you find in most homes and business. Blowers on inflatables may need separate circuits depending on the size rating of the breaker/fuse. This will be discussed when we know what equipment you want.

We provide all the heavy duty (12/3) extension cords that are needed. GAMES THAT REQUIRE ELECTRICITY MUST BE LOCATED NO MORE THAN 90 FEET FROM THE SOCKET USED (This means that it cannot be plugged into any other extension cord). This will damage or cause blower motors to burn out and YOU will be charged for the cost to replace the motor/blower. So the best thing to do is plan on 1 circuit/outlet per blower.

I don't have electricity where my event is, what do I do?

We understand that not all locations have the power that is required, so we have generators that may be rented. These generators will handle at least 2 blowers, others may not, and that will depend on the wattage of the generator. We will discuss that with you if you decide you need a generator. If you rent a generator from us, it will come with one tank (5 gal) of gas. This will normally run the generator between 4 to 5 hours. Any extra gas will have to be provided by you or have made arrangements at the time of booking.

May I use my own generator?

We have no problem with you using your or someone else's generator as long as its wattage rating is large enough to provide the proper amount of power needed. We will discuss that with you if you have a generator.

Can the games be used inside?

We do many events that are held inside. There are certain height requirements that must be available depending on the piece of equipment. We will discuss this with you when you book the equipment. We will (if needed) come a look at the site with you to make sure it will work for you.

Where can games be set up?

The games can be set up on any type of surface, (pavement, concrete, gravel, grass, carpet or Wood) however some surfaces, may require a ground tarp so we will need to know the type of surface the equipment we be placed on. The location will need to level (a rule of thumb in 12 degree incline or less). If the height is sufficient for the piece of equipment it may be set up under a tree, (in the hot summer an inflatable that is under a tree is in the shade and the surface in much cooler). Many times we set up the equipment in a Park, most parks do not have a problem with this, however, it is suggested that this be discussed with the park managers, to be sure there are no restriction and that there is power available.

Many of our equipment rentals are overnight (our prices are 'any time' up to 24hrs) if kept in a secure area. A secure area is a location that in protected by guards or inside or behind a locked fence. Remember that you have rented this item and are responsible for the equipment.

What if it's raining?

Non electrical equipment may be setup in the rain, (we recommend rescheduling if at all possible) but if that's not a possibility then they can be.

Any piece that requires electricity CANNOT be set up in the rain; this means even a light sprinkle. REMEMBER THAT ELECTRICITY AND WATER DO NOT MIX. While we are talking about water, we've been ask many times by people that have rented a DUNKING BOOTH about leaving water in it over night. Unless it has an attendant with it AT ALL TIMES, it must be drained when not in use and refilled for use. The life this saves my be YOUR child.

Can my child get into the Dunking Booth?

In order to safely stand up in the DB you need to be 5' tall. This allows the head to be above water. We normally ask that the dunkee be 5' tall, at least 12 yr. old, must be able to swim and have no disabilities that would cause a safety problem, such as climbing in or out the unit. For smaller children it is required that they may only be in the DB with a parent.

Do tables or tent come with games?

All games come with everything it takes to operate it. Tables, Chairs or Tents must be supplied by the renter. There are companies that do rent these. Please check our 'Links/ Resources page. You will find a lot of different resources there that you could use.

Is there anything else I need to know?

As in any industry there are legitimate businesses and there are illegitimate businesses/rip-offs.

The question then becomes, how do you know the difference? Perhaps the following will help.

In the Great State of Arkansas there are laws that govern the inflatable and hard ride business. These law deal with safety issues and can be found on the 'Arkansas Dept. of Labor's' website.

The two things that you can do to protect yourself and the people at your event are to ask for a 'COPY' of the following to be sent to you. DO NOT JUST TAKE SOMEBODY'S WORD FOR IT!!!!

The State of Arkansas requires that any inflatable 'ride' be it a jumper or obstacle course or any where in between must be inspected by the state 2 times a year. The Owner/operator is issued by the state an inspection report. ASK FOR A COPY OF THE INSPECTION REPORT TO BE SENT TO YOU BEFORE YOU BOOK AND SIGN ANY CONTRACT/AGREEMENT.

The State of Arkansas also requires that the Owner/operator also carries a Liability Insurance with a $1,000,000 per incident with a $2,000,000 aggregate level. This insurance is not cheap, but it is required by law. The insurance company will supply the business with a certificate of insurance. This will show the amount of coverage and the date it expires, the name of the insurance co. and the agent that sold the policy. ASK FOR A COPY OF THE CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE TO BE SENT TO YOU BEFORE YOU BOOK AND SIGN ANY CONTRACT/AGREEMENT.

Remember, some people buy car insurance to get their tags, but then let it laps. So it doesn't hurt to check with the agent listed to see if the insurance is still in force.

The State also requires that a copy of both be on site AT ALL TIMES WHILE THE EQUIPMENT IS THERE. The State may inspect any event at any time. The first items the inspector will as for is these 2 documents. If you do not have them available, the inspector, can and will shut down your event. The inspector can and problem will issue a citation with fines that can range from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. If the violations are serious enough they can even have the violators arrested by any law enforcement official.

You could be held liable for all cost, fines and injuries if any. BUT MORE IMPORTANT IS THAT YOUR FUN EVENT JUST BECAME VERY UNFUN to all. All the work, plans, expense just went down the drain.

Don't let this happen to your event.